Pickleball Tutor FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

• Is the machine easy to operate?
Yes, very simple!

• Where should I put the machine in my car?
Anywhere it is secure. Front seat, back seat, or in the trunk.

• Can more than one person use the machine at a time?

• Are their instructions with the machine?
Yes. Every Pickleball Tutor comes with an instructional manual on how to operate and care for it.

• After placing my order, how soon can I expect to receive the Pickleball Tutor?
The machine is normally shipped within 2-3 days. Tracking information will be provided when your Pickleball Tutor ships.

• What are the shipping charges for the Pickleball Tutor?
FREE (within the lower 48 states)

• What shipping method is used to ship the Pickleball Tutor?
Typically we ship UPS Ground.

• Does the Pickleball Tutor require assembly or additional equipment?
No. The Battery operated Pickleball Tutor includes a “smart” battery charger to recharge the internal battery. The CHARGER is “smart”….not the battery. The charger detects when the battery is fully charged and shuts off so it can be connected continuously without overcharging the battery.

• Can I charge the battery and use the machine at the same time?
No. The “smart” charger is only designed to recharge the battery.

• What is the “smart” charger?
Simply put, the smart charger knows when the battery is fully charged and will not overcharge the battery.

• What safety precautions should I take before/while using the Pickleball Tutor?
Never walk in front of the Pickleball Tutor or insert your hand into the machine when it is operating. Start the Pickleball Tutor at its slowest ball speed and adjust from there. Also, since you are using many balls, be careful to clear balls that may get underfoot and present a hazard. Hitting that extra shot is not worth a sprained ankle!

• What is the ball capacity?

• What is the weight?
The AC model weighs only 24 lbs, and the battery operated Pickleball Tutor weighs 29 lbs.

• What is adjustable feed control?
The time interval between throws.

• How does the oscillation work?
Random oscillation allows the machine to turn from side to side and feed balls in random side-to-side patterns, making it more similar to real play. The oscillation is controlled with a simple on/off switch.

• Where is the Pickleball Tutor manufactured?
Burbank, CA – USA

• What is the warranty?
3 Years on the machine and 1 Year on the battery

• Which brand of Pickleball balls should be used?
All pickleball balls work well with this machine. We do not recommend mixing different types (i.e. indoor and outdoor balls together).

• What should I do if it starts raining?
Turn the machine off and move it out of the rain.

• I have a question that is not listed here, what should I do?
Feel free to call 866-733-6542 with any questions you have about the Pickleball Tutor.